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Wigged out washer? Dryer took a dive? Dishwasher disaster? Have no fear, give our crack team a call and we'll get you fixed up in NO time.

Call DBH Appliance Repair in Dyer for home appliance repair, a local appliance repair service!

Nikki Witham, Customer Service ex·tra·or·di·naire'

​A charmer on the tele

Can spin 15 plates at once!


Nikki is the backbone of this operation, and has your work order and scheduling information right in front of her, therefore, she can handle 99% of your questions!


David B. Hinton

Owner and Lead Technician..30 Years Experience

Loves coffee and animals

Loves to kid around


Open letter to all clients!

The local repair scene is BOOMING right  now!  Our goal of offering  fast service has been hampered by overwhelming demand ...PLEASE be patient , we are down to one person (Me, Dave) and we are working as hard and fast as possible to serve you.

DBH Appliance Repair in Dyer

Just a heads up, due to the ever rising cost of doing business, as of 3-10-19 our Tier One service call went to $75.00  plus labor. Tier two repairs are now $95.00 plus labor.  If you have any questions please call 219-865-1517 and speak to Nikki
Thank you for your continued business!​