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Just a heads up, due to the ever rising cost of doing business, as of 3-10-19 our Tier One service call went to $75.00  plus labor. Tier two repairs are now $95.00 plus labor.  If you have any questions please call 219-865-1517 and speak to Nikki
Thank you for your continued business!​

Our Hours of Operation are as follows:
Monday thru Friday 9.00 am-5.30 pm
Saturday- office is closed

*Sidebar*  We try to answer the phone live as much as possible! If you get our voicemail please---leave a voicemail and we promise, we will call back..If you call us or email us or fill out a request for service on this website after hours,  you will hear from us during business hours.
If you have filled out the online request form here on the site,  please give us extra time to respond!

It will always be faster to call us during business hours. If you have to leave a message--rest assured we WILL call you back!

***Side Side bar***
If you have a smartphone, take a picture of your model number and send it to Nikki after the call                                    @ 219-440-2176  and put your name in there so we know who you are!
Here is a link to help you locate your model:  MODEL LOCATOR
Model numbers are essential for us to properly lookup parts and get you fixed in one trip