Do you need Appliance Parts?

Do you need a whatzit? Do you need one of those plastic thingies? You know, one of those whatchamacallits?

Well, you came to the right place!

Call 1-877-280-7948 and those fine folks will help you, on my behalf of course! Please have your MODEL NUMBER handy!

If you are attempting to fix something yourself, and need a motor coupling, drain pump, water filter, hoses or a fuse, call this number up here and they will order and ship to you. *BUT PLEASE*

don't tear your machine apart and then call me! If you have reservations about fixing it yourself,                 CALL US  before you bust out that hammer!  We can help!

Lots of simple repairs can be accomplished by the do-it-yourselfer...filters, hoses, etc.

But, modern appliances are getting more and more technical, that's where we step in.

We have the training and experience and expertise to accomplish these tasks for you, so you can get on with your busy day...